Friday, May 07, 2004

Depraz hits her straps

I don't want to stop working, but its getting late, and I can feel my carefulness slipping.
Nonetheless, I'm very excited about continuing this tomorrow!

The section I've just completed (1st part of Depraz: Genetic to Generative) pretty much puts to bed the difficulties raised by Borrett et al and Dreyfus (although the hammer is yet to fall on the latter).

Fortunately, the next few pages of Depraz (from 472 onwards) promise to open up a whole range of themes (the following list is not comprehensive)
1 - the need to begin from architectonics while undermining a static layered conception (we need to introduce personal and prepersonal in order to move beyond the distinction - first to sedimentation and innovation, and then to an ethical demand that motivates cognition).
2 - static ph. is characterised by its activity (acts of consci immune to nature), while genetic phenomenology is characterised by its passivity. Generative phenomenology moves beyond these alternatives. (We can read Evans as saying: If cog sci fails to move to a generative persp. it threatens to impose a passive nihilism on spirit.)
3 - from the spectre of biologism to communitarian and historical perspective, anticipating the transformation of body-ethics in Diprose.

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