Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Book Condencension

Another Eno quote from a 2002 Interview:

"I recently read Richard Sennett’s book The Uses of Disorder. It’s a very intelligent anti-planning book, and I thought, “This is fantastic, but nobody’s ever going to read it.” So I decided to condense it. I wanted to present the argument of the book in three thousand words. I went through it with a yellow highlighter, marking the bits that really got the germ of the idea. Then I photocopied all the parts I’d marked and collaged them together. After that, I had this idea that every serious book should be published in two forms. There should be the full version, but preceding it by a month or so should be the filtered version."

Note that Eno was not trying to write a review.

He's talking about distribution and accessibility, not digestion and criticism.
This is plagiarism in its best form - as invitation.

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