Thursday, November 22, 2007

Liberal party ad bonanza

I thought the Liberal party's advertising onslaught last night was pretty intense in the leadup to the Wednesday night cut off for TV and radio election ads.

But today, we've gone from the annoying to the ridiculous. Liberal party ads are all over the SMH today, on the very same pages reporting the story about the Libs' Lindsay leaflet scandal.

Even Paul Keating's opinion piece had to compete with the Liberals scare campaign.

But never fear... the Tele is here!

In a shock move(!?), the Daily Telegraph has just announced it will back Kevin Rudd in the election on Saturday, citing John Howard's planned retirement in the middle of his next term as their justification.

"Our three-year terms of Federal Government are short enough without the added downside of the candidate for Prime Minister making a vague promise to walk away at half-way through.

"The 18-month to two year construction Mr Howard has put on his departure is, bluntly, an insult to the voters' collective intelligence." the invasion of Iraq, climate change scepticism, detention centres, the AWB scandal, suspension of the rule of law for Dr Hanif and David Hicks, politicisation of the bureaucracy and the AFP, repeal of civil liberties, work choices (ha ha), excessive government secrecy, (it goes on and on) weren't enough!

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